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The consequences of the revolution 40’s beachwear in the world beyond the boundaries of reason.
History of clothing for swimming has its roots in Ancient Greece

For millennia, swimwear undergone many changes – from full closed to suit symbolic shreds of fabric. These days, modern women have the opportunity to choose from a huge range of models that suit their individual needs. One of the most important moments in fashion history was the invention of the French engineer Louis Rearden swimsuit bikini, which is still very popular.
Grandpa bikini

67 years ago, July 5, 1946 Louis Rearden first introduced a new bathing suit “bikini”. Swimsuit consisted of two parts: the top, covering the chest and bottom, which was a very short melting. A formal model is considered a precursor 1935 – American designer Claire MakKalder cut out sides in a cohesive swimsuit.

The new model was named after the Bikini Atoll, where a few days before the United States conducted nuclear tests. It is not known whether this was planned by the designer or the irony of fate, but the event has produced a truly nuclear explosion in the world of fashion. The invention was so scandalous that demonstrate swimsuit in the famous pool “Delina” in the center of Paris agreed to a stripper from “Casino de Paris”.

Initially forbidden to wear a bikini on the many beaches, and in some countries (eg Germany) women seen in them, were sentenced to community service in nursing homes. In the U.S., the offending public order discharged fines.

But everything changed with access to the 1956 film “And God Created Woman”, in frames of which the actress Brigitte Bardot appeared in the controversial swimsuit. After the release of the film became a cult bikini flooded most popular beaches.

Meanwhile, in the USSR, the word “bikini” simply did not know – women sewed swimsuits (and many other clothes). Bathing suits looked old-fashioned – they kroili on the patterns of forty years ago, and often they just mutilated Soviet women.


In 1959, in Moscow for the first time a show of fashion house “Christian Dior” – fashionable women of the time were finally able to meet with the foreign fashion, so different from the one that was in the Soviet Union. Swimwear for women have become more sophisticated, however, compared with the current models, they were still quite chaste.

A breakthrough in the world of fashion in the Soviet Union took place in the 70s. On the streets began to appear a woman in brightly colored dresses and mini-skirts. At the same time the country has come and swimsuit-bikini that every year was to pervade more and more beaches in the country.
Select – I will not!

Today bikini is any separate swimsuit line heats which is below the navel. Modern separate suit sewn from synthetic fabrics that do not change shape when wet, and has a tiny size.

In the first contest “Miss World” model from Sweden came in costume, bikini and it shocked the audience, but after 20 years, in 1971, out in a bikini is a must for the competition.

Also, women’s swimsuit yavletsya official sportswear in certain types of competitions: volleyball, bodybuilding and sports dances (cha-cha-cha, rumba and samba).

In the last century (since the 70s) began to appear modification bikini, let alone XXI Century offers women a huge selection of styles and models.

Bras can be of various shapes, having various straps or fasteners. Also, some types of the top have the special function: nekotoroye have the effect of push-up, while others, on the contrary, visually reduce the breast.

Many designers create swimwear with additional decorations neck, shoulder, abdomen. Use beads, metal or plastic parts. There bikini top and bottom are connected by decorative strips of cloth or thread.

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